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Vtech Waterproof Camera

The Vtech kidizoom digital waterproof video camera is first-class for young professionals or home businesses! It features 12 video settings and a built-in light that makes and filming a breeze.

CM Case for Prograce Waterproof Action Camera, VTech KidiZoom Cam & More, Green

Vtech Waterproof Camera Walmart

The camera is an outstanding addition to your child's camera arsenal! This camera is water resistant and features a digital camera, making it peerless for taking pictures and videos in conditions of water damage, additionally, the kidizoom action cam lets you snap pictures and videos in high quality with ease, making it a valuable tool for keeping your child's communication skills strong during water events. The Vtech waterproof camera is valuable for kids who ache to take pictures and videos in water without having to first learn how to swim, this camera is even able to take video without getting wet, so you can take it home with you! The Vtech waterproof camera case is a terrific solution for lovers who desire to operate their Vtech camera without having to take off their skin. The case protects the camera and leaves it free to function as it should, such as taking pictures and videos, the case also includes a networked camera and allows users to handle their own photos and videos as if they were on a real camera. The Vtech kidizoom cam is a waterproof camera that is top-rated for and shows, it presents a Vtech logo on the body and a green screen in the top left corner. The cam also imparts a red screen for when it is turned off and on, the cam is also screen with a Vtech logo and a port for an electronic lens.